London’s Most Quirky Cocktail Menus

So today is the 1st of February, which only means one thing… the end of dry January! To celebrate I’ve thrown together a list of a few of my favorite cocktail bars in the city, featuring many quirky, unique and and downright strange drink selections.

My 2017 Blogging Resolutions

It’s 3 weeks into the new year and I’ve only just got around to writing my resolutions. I think this shows just how much I need them!

5 Places to Spend a Dry Saturday Night Out in London

So you’re doing dry January but still want to go out and enjoy your Saturday night? I’ve created a list of all the places in London where the sober and drunk alike can enjoy a great night out together.

My 2017 Tube Reading List

My 2017 Reading List for the copious hours I spend on the London underground. Any suggestions greatly welcomed!

Indoor Go Karting, Tower Bridge

Did you know you can go Go Karting in central London? Team Sport’s electric karts can reach speeds of up to 40mph on their indoor tracks!

Christmas Wonderland at Crews Hill

It’s Christmas eve and there’s just enough time for me to share one last post before the big day arrives. This time I thought I’d share one of my favourite places to go to get myself into the festive spirit… Crews Hill Nurseries. Crews Hill, which lies on the outer edge of Enfield, can be…

Beach Blanket Babylon – an English fairytale in Notting Hill

This weekend I went to a friends birthday brunch at Beach Blanket Babylon, a beautiful British restaurant within a Georgian townhouse in Notting Hill which can only be described as something from an English fairy-tale. Being close to Christmas the outside of the building was addorned with a row of pretty wreaths and red bows, hanging…