My 2017 Blogging Resolutions

It’s 3 weeks into the new year and I’ve only just got around to writing my resolutions. I think this shows just how much I need them!

5 Places to Spend a Dry Saturday Night Out in London

So you’re doing dry January but still want to go out and enjoy your Saturday night? I’ve created a list of all the places in London where the sober and drunk alike can enjoy a great night out together.

My 2017 Tube Reading List

My 2017 Reading List for the copious hours I spend on the London underground. Any suggestions greatly welcomed!

Driving Iceland’s Golden Circle

If you’re heading to Iceland as a stopover between Europe and North America, or simply going for a long weekend away, unfortunately there may not be enough time to follow the ring road around the entire country. So instead, the smaller Golden Circle may be the perfect option for you. The famous route is possible to do…

5 Essentials for Taking the London Underground

Invest in an Oyster Card Do not buy a paper ticket! Even if you’re only in London for a week, a £5 investment in an Oyster Card will pay for itself within a few journeys. I also find Oyster Card’s are a lot easier to keep track of, no more losing those stupid paper tickets that…