5 Ways to Stay Fit in London Without Breaking the Bank

So January has arrived, which means back to work and back to reality. It also mean’s time to start on those new years resolutions. If you’re like the majority of the population one of these will be to shed those Christmas pounds, however as you live in London you may not be able to afford the extortionate gym membership fees (seriously, who pays £150 a month!?). So here are 5 other ways to get fit in London on a budget…

1. Ditch the Public Transport and Walk!

London is not only a safe and beautiful city to walk around, but many places are actually a lot closer to each other than you may think. Check out the maps below to see if you could get some exercise and walk rather than getting on the dreaded tube.

TFL’s Walking Tube Map
RodCorp’s Walking Map

2. Jump on a Boris Bike

£2 for unlimited use for 24 hours (well, as long as you stick to the 30 minute slots). Hiring a TFL bike is much cheaper than a return journey on the tube, and you get your daily dose of fitness.

I often cycle to and from work during the warmer summer months. This means I get over 2 hours of exercise every day, without having to drag myself to the gym in the evening, and I get to see so much more of the city (plenty of spontaneous photo ops!). However, if cycling isn’t an easy commuting option for you, you can still make the most of the bikes in your free time. Rather than heading into central on the tube every weekend, find somewhere interesting in your local area and cycle there!


3. Join a Free Run Club

Nike+ Run Club – Runners of all abilities can join Nike’s free weekly run club, starting from either Nike Central Kings Cross or Niketown Oxford Street and heading through the streets of London. The runs are accompanied by pros and there is even an app which you can download and use to design your own training plan and track your process. Whether you’re training for your first 5k or your 10th marathon, or simply looking for a social run with likeminded people, the Nike+ run club is a great free way motivate your self to get going.

Other Free Running Clubs and Communities…

Sweatshop Running Club

Park Run

4. Shop Around for Introductory Deals

In a time of increasing competition, many companies offer amazing introductory deals to new clients in order to draw in business. As long as you’re someone who doesn’t mind change, shopping around and making the most of these deals is a great way to save money. An added bonus is that you get to try out a few new things and decide what type of exercise suits you best before investing in something more permanent. Here are a few suggestions to get you going…

Swift Fitness – Swift Fitness offer group bootcamp sessions with expert personal trainers in Clapham Common, Fulham, Brockwell Park, London Bridge, Battersea Park, Highbury Fields, Tooting and Green Park. Your first session is free (just sign up online) and they promise there will be no hard sell at the end. I also recently picked up a great introductory deal, 6 sessions for £19 (usually £12 per session), so make sure you keep an eye out for special offers like this one.

Update 20/01/16: Swift are currently offering 6 classes for £21 on Groupon.

Swift Fitness 2.jpg
Photos from Swift Fitness Group Website

The Power Yoga Company – If you’re looking to improve your strength, balance and flexibility in a cute little yoga studio which just screams South West London then give The Power Yoga Company in Fulham a try. They have an introductory offer of 3 sessions for £15 (which must be used within 15 days), plus 15% any additional sessions you book during this time.

Maybe one day I’ll look like this!

Cyclebeat – Ever tried indoor cycling? No me neither, but it look’s like a good workout. Plus Cyclebeat have a studio centrally located in the heart of the city so it’s perfect for after work classes. Check out their introductory offer of 10 days of unlimited classes for £20.

Photo from Cyclebeat’s website

Good Vibes – Want to try a bit of everything? At Good Vibes you can enjoy unlimited pilates, yoga and spinning for £45 for your first month, as well as 50% off power plates sessions, at both their Covent Garden and Fitzrovia studios.

5. Combine Fitness with Fun

If you’re the type of person who think’s spending any money whatsoever on exercise is a waste, and therefore have taken no notice of my ideas above, how about combining exercise with fun activities so you feel like you’re getting something extra out of it?

Free Jumping – Oxygen Freejumping in Acton is London’s first trampoline park. Bounce around on the 150 interconnected trampolines whilst practicing tricks into the giant airbag and squishy foam pit. An hours free jumping slot is £12.50 or join a 60 minute group fitness class for just £10. This is a great way to combine a fun afternoon out with friends and a workout.

Photo from Oxygen Freejumping’s website

Get Dancing! – Surprise everyone on your next night out and learn to dance. Groupon is full of beginners dance classes, with everything from salsa and tango to street dance or even belly dancing, for as little as £2.5o per session.

Face ‘The Beast’ – a.k.a the world’s largest inflatable which is coming to London’s Hyde Park this year! Prepare to make an idiot of yourself as you tackle this insane 893ft obstacle course in an attempt to break the course record. More about this to be posted soon.

The beast inflatable.jpg

What advice would you give someone looking to get fit on a budget in London?


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  1. When I went to London in 2015 with my sister, we lost a ton of weight just by using the underground system! We call it the Underground Gym now hahahahaha. It’s too bad I have no clue how to ride a bike; would’ve used Boris while there :/


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