This week in London – Christmas Special

All Week – Take a Virtual Sleigh Ride on Oxford Street

This week at John Lewis’s Oxford Street Store you can jump into Santa’s sleigh and take a virtual ride from the North Pole all the way to London! Hold on to the reigns tight as you dodge the ice and swerve past the London eye on your journey to help Samta drop off his presents.

The best part of this is that the whole experience is filmed and sent to you for free, making a great digital Christmas card to send to friends and family!

All Week – Drink at the Most Festive Pub in London 

The Churchill Arms in Kensington (between High Street Kensington and Notting Hill tube stops) has earned itself the title of most festive pub in London with 90 Christmas trees covering the entire building, complete with lights and topped with stars.

Wednesday 21st Dec – Columbia Road Christmas Market

Enjoy some mulled wine and carol singing as you grab a few last minute presents at this famous flower market’s late night shopping event. The row of independent shops offers plenty of unique and quirky gift ideas that won’t be found on the high street.

Until Thursday 22nd Dec – The Gingerbread City

Any fans of the Great British Bake Off’s gingerbread task, or at least of Candice’s infamous gingerbread pub, will love this one! This week is your last chance to visit the Gingerbread City at the Museum of Architechture in Kensington. The exhibition is free and is described as an unconventional way to get the public to better engage with architecture. Just please remember you’re not allowed to eat the exhibition!

Image from

Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th Dec – Attend a Carol Service at an Iconic London Landmark

On both Friday and Saturday, The Royal Albert Hall hosts an elegant evening of carols and festive classics performed by the Mozart Festival Chorus and Orchestra in full 80th century costumes in a candle lit setting. What a beautiful way to start the Christmas weekend.


Head to this gothic cathedral south of the river on Friday evening to listen to the London Concertante Chamber Ensemble play Corelli’s Christmas Concerto, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.5, Torelli’s Christmas Concert, Locatelli’s Christmas Concerto and Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons.


Celebrate Christmas Eve with Christmas carols at St Pauls, sung by the Cathedral Choir, at 4pm this Saturday.

Saturday 24th Dec – Chanukah on the Square

Another one of Trafalgar square’s annual cultural events, organised by the London Mayor’s office, returns to central London this Saturday. Chanukha (or Hanukkah) is the Jewish Festival of Lights which lasts for 8 days every December. Saturday is the first day of Chanukha, which will be marked in London by a day of music and family actives, as well as the lighting of the Menorah (the iconic branched candle).

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know what a big fan I am of events on the Square. The opportunity to learn about other people’s culture, combined with great food, usually a few freebies and a lovely atmosphere of a community coming together are all the things that make these events worth going to.



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