What do London bloggers love most about Winter in the City?

It’s just over a week until Christmas which mean’s London is in full festive swing. Elaborate light instillations and beautiful decorations adorn every corner, there’s a Christmas tree in every shop and a festive sandwich/burger/drink in every restaurant and bar. People are flocking to the Christmas markets and ice-rinks to feast on German sausages, guzzle mulled-wine by the gallon and skate in the shadow of iconic landmarks.

London has so much going on over the festive period that it can sometimes get a little overwhelming, and this is where us bloggers come in! We spend all of our time, and money, exploring the city and writing about it to help others see what London has to offer.

This is why I decided to ask around the London blogging community and find out what other bloggers favourite things to do in the city over the holiday season were. Hope you enjoy, and make sure to check out these guy’s awesome blogs and social pages too!

Louise Loves London

Louise is originally from Denmark but moved to London a year and a half ago. She’s constantly out and about exploring new parts of the city and writing about all of her favourite things to do and see. I love reading Louise’s posts and exploring alongside someone who’s experiencing London for the first time!

Blog: Louise Loves London // Instagram: @lululoveslondon

Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace is a beautiful al fresco restaurant and bar at The Bloomsbury Hotel. I love this place because the surroundings are amazing. It always gets me in a festive mood, and you actually feel like being part of a winter fairytale. Dalloway Terrace has something for everybody. The dinner dishes are amazing – and I would love to try their Afternoon Tea as well.

LLL Dalloway Terrace.jpg

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I actually thought that this place was mostly for children, but boy oh boy how I was wrong. First of all, Winter Wonderland is incredibly beautiful and cosy in spite of the size! I simply love the Bavarian Village, which is the place to go for yummy German hot-dogs, corny music and mulled wine/beer. Secondly, Winter Wonderland is really quite romantic! My boyfriend and I fell completely in love again and he even got me a reindeer teddy! (as cheesy as it sounds, I was in heaven), so if you haven’t visited Winter Wonderland yet, you simply need to go!

London Wlogger

London Wlogger is pretty new on the blogging scene but is one I’m sure will be an instant hit. It’s a great blog dedicated to exploring London’s hidden gems, sights and history all on foot. So if you’re looking to explore the city whilst avoiding the dreaded tube then this is definitely one to follow!

Blog: London Wlogger // Instagram: @londonwlogger

Winter Walks around the City

There is nothing quite like taking a wonderful winter stroll on a clear, crisp day in London during the Christmas period. Walking along the southbank through the Christmas markets and on to the bright lights of Regent Street always gets me into the festive spirit. The Christmas displays on Oxford Street and the hustle and bustle of shoppers with the pubs full of merry people, only supports how amazing London is at Christmas time.

The best way to truly encapsulate all this is on foot, getting lost in London’s beauty, and discovering its hidden gems. A walk in one of London’s Royal Parks or along the Regents Canal or at the top of Hampstead Heath, with the leaves bare, and the air cold, wrapped up in a winter coat, doesn’t get any better than that.

For me that’s why London is the best city in the world, and my favourite thing about Christmas in our great capital!

Not So Basic London

Charlotte moved from Wales to London 5 years ago and immediately fell in love! She is a self-professed food fanatic and blogs about everything from street food to 5* restaurants. I’m a huge fan of the sweet treats section of her blog!

Blog: Not So Basic London // Instagram: @notsobasiclondon

The Hot Chocolate

Christmas is THE best excuse in the world to drink and eat as much as you want. When it’s freezing cold outside and the cafes have made themselves look all christmasy, to sit there with a cup of chocolate is the best thing to do ever! London has some AMAZING hot chocolates to drink and I’m not talking brown, watery liquid vaguely tasting of chocolate. I mean thick luxurious, quirky hot chocolates that are like a dessert in a cup. SAID Dal 1923 in Soho is probably the most indulgent. They cover the cup in molten white, milk and dark chocolate first before pouring in the drinking chocolate. If that’s a bit too messy and your a fan of marshmallow, Chin Chin Labs in Camden Market top it with toasted marshmallow. A LOT of toasted marshmallow. Definitely two places you need to visit at christmas!

A Peace of London

Charlotte is a freelance blogger and copywriter who loves to find quiet, cultured and unusual corners of London. Her blog is perfect for other freelancers looking for a cute little cafe or bookshop to write in, or simply those who want to find a peaceful corner to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Blog: A Peace of London // Instagram: @apeaceoflondon

The Quiet Green Spaces

My favourite thing to do over Christmas would have to be to pull on my walking boots and explore one of London’s massive green spaces such as Epping Forest or Richmond Park, or somewhere less well-known such as Waterlow Park or Valentine’s Park. Christmas in London can be a bit overwhelming with the crowds, cinnamon-spiced-anything and constant consumerism merriment (just call me the Grinch) but our green spaces don’t change from day to day and they are one the MAJOR perks of living in London. There’s something very comforting about exploring and just enjoying the moment — no jingle bells required…

London City Calling

Well I had to get involved too did’t I? 🙂

Blog: You’re on it! // Instagram: @londoncitycalling

Quirky Winter Pop-Ups

Igloo’s at Coppa Club Tower Hill – Probably the most in demand pop-up of the season is Coppa Club’s row of Igloos on the bank of the River Thames. They are available to hire for drinks or dinner for up to 8 people. The inside of the Igloo is heated and lined with sheepskin blankets and rugs, creating a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a festive dinner with friends.

The Gardening Society’s Winter Forest – Several little winter lodges have popped up on top of John Lewis’s Oxford Street store. These are available for private booking where you can enjoy some delicious food from British game specialist Mac & Wild. Each lodge also has a ‘hot toddy bell’ which can be rung every time you need another hot drink or festive cocktail.

Winter Pergola on the Roof – In this nordic-forest scene on top of a rooftop in Shepherds Bush, you can take your pick of tasty food from Patty & Bun (my favourite burger in London!), Snaps & Rye, Gunpowder and Le Bab whilst enjoying a festive drink or two from the central bar.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London during the winter? Let me know in the comments below…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    Love this post, Emily! Everything you need to know to get in the right Christmas spirit! What a great idea to gather the best of the bloggers! Can’t wait to read more from you


  2. Ivy says:

    Hi London City calling,

    I love this list of winter activities. Thanks to your previous blog on the Igloos in tower bridge I managed to book the event for myself and some friends. The experience was truly one of a kind and sort of magical. So thank you for the idea 😊.
    My favourite thing to do in winter is…EAT!! Winter wonderland and Christmas markets is where you’ll find me most of my days after work. So please do post more about such activities.

    Best wishes,


  3. Helen says:

    Love this! Some of these I’m familiar with and others have given me inspiration for new places to explore! I’ve recently blogged about a ‘winter weekend’ in London when my parents came to visit – if anyone wants to check it out 🙂 https://chasethislightblog.wordpress.com/


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