Beach Blanket Babylon – an English fairytale in Notting Hill

This weekend I went to a friends birthday brunch at Beach Blanket Babylon, a beautiful British restaurant within a Georgian townhouse in Notting Hill which can only be described as something from an English fairy-tale.

Being close to Christmas the outside of the building was addorned with a row of pretty wreaths and red bows, hanging above an outdoor terrace which I will definitely be returning to next summer.

As you enter you are met by a large bar covered in brightly coloured roses and extravagant crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant is furnished in a rocco style interior design and there are several large beautiful fireplaces with open fires, giving the venue a traditional, elegant and cosy atmosphere.

There is also an upper level which is open only for dinner, which can be found by going through a colourful mosaic tunnel and climbing up a staircase which resembles something from a Disney princess’s castle.

The brunch menu had plenty to offer, from avacado and poached eggs on toast (my favorite!), pancakes with maple syrup and a full English breakfast to burger and chips and even a steak. There was also a large wine selection as well as fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Everything was delicious and filling!

I had never even heard of this restaurant until my trip this weekend, but now I’ve been I will definitely be returning! It’s truly a hidden gem in Notting Hill.

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