Dinner in an Igloo at Coppa Club Tower Hill

This winter Coppa Club restaurant in Tower Hill has built a special pop-up on its on its riverside terrace, 8 beautiful igloos over looking the Thames where you can go for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks.

Of course, like many others, the minute I saw pictures of the Igloos start circulating on social media I knew I just had to go! I called the restaurant straight away, who told me they were only taking igloo booking by email because of the large amount of requests. I then emailed the address I was given with my preferred date. They responded a day later telling me the date was fully booked and to pick another, however when I went straight back to them with another date I was met with an automatic response saying due to the unexpected popularity of the pop-up bookings were being paused. As you can imagine I was extremely upset, but what can you do right?

Then out of the blue one week later I receive an email telling me a slot had become available on the weekend I wanted and that if I put down an £80 deposit (which would go towards the meal/drinks on the night) I could have a table for 8 in an igloo to ourselves. Obviously I said yes straight away and payed the deposit. I didn’t really know who would come with me at that point but I like to be optimistic about the amount of friends I have (and that actually want to hang out with me)!

So the night finally came around and I could barely contain my excitement (what a sado – I know). I had managed to gather up a group of close friends to take with me, however I had only told them I had booked dinner at a cool new pop-up, and hadn’t told them exactly where we were going. I was surprised no one had guessed beforehand, but clearly none of them spend as much time on social media as I do.

We arrived early and headed to the indoor bar first to grab a cocktail. From the bar you have a great view of the igloos, with both Tower Bridge and the Shard in the background. A perfect photo opportunity!

We were taken to our Igloo at 6pm where we were given complementary still and sparkling water. We also went straight in for the wine, ordering a bottle of both house white and house red for the table. At under £17 for the house bottles they are definitely worth trying, we really enjoyed both.

The igloo had a small heater on the floor, which meant as long as the door was zipped up it remains warms and cosy inside. All of the chairs were also covered by sheepskin rugs, a nice little touch.

Starters consisted of nibbles to share. We choose 2 loafs of warm bread with olive oil, 3 portions of spicy sausages (3 sausages per portion) and one bowl of fried ghnocci with cheese. Despite being smaller portions than we expected, everything tasted great and kept us going untill the mains came.

The main courses had mixed reviews from the table. Whilst the pizzas and beef burger were both delicious and extremely filling, the carbonara tasted too much like peas (exact quote) and the ribeye steak was a little overpriced, coming in at £18 before adding sides.

Deserts on the other hand received glowing reviews from the whole party, with sticky toffee pudding and the mini butterscotch pot coming in as favorites.

The waiting staff were all very friendly, and did a great job pretending to laugh at all our terrible jokes. However the service itself was a little sloppy, with several of our sides turning up 10 minutes after the rest of the meal.

All in all we all had a very enjoyable evening. The setting was beautiful, and getting to sit inside the warm igloo with panoramic  views of Wintery London outside gives you that cosy Christmas feeling. The privacy of the igloo and the set up of the large round table within it made for a sociable and fun atmosphere with the large group. If I’m being honest the food was good but definitely not the selling point of this pop-up. I would however definitely recommend trying to go at some point, even if just for a few cocktails.

Email towerbridge@coppaclub.co.uk for reservations or just turn up at the venue for limited walk-in slots.

Update: The Igloos will now be sticking around until March!

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