This week in London – 7/11/16

Monday 7th Nov – Trump vs. Hilary Pop-Up @ Old St.

If you’r passing through Old Street Station this Monday or Tuesday make sure you stop by the temporary Presidential Store where you can cast your mock vote, grab some limited edition candidate merchandise and eat a donut with Trumps face on it.

Picture taken from Time Out London

Tuesday 8th Nov – Popbitch Election Party @ Dinerama

Popbitch and Street Feast have come together to put on this Presidential party at Dinerama in Shoreditch where you can stay up and celebrate (or commiserate) as the live election results come in. Tickets include a pint of Obama’s favourite beer, a shot of bourbon, all you can eat American street food buffet and a survivors breakfast if you manage to stay up until 6am. There will also be party games going on throughout the night such as Pin the Toupée on the Trump and Presidential Top Trumps.

Thursday 10th Nov – Carnaby St Christmas Revolution

Head to Carnaby Street at 6pm for their Christmas light switch on, followed by a Christmas revolution street party with live music. If you register for a free ticket you can also grab a free cocktail on the night and receive 20% off in all of the local shops, restaurants and pubs throughout the rest of the evening.

Saturday 12th Nov – The Lord Mayors Show & Fireworks

The Lord Mayors show is large and eleberate annual procession through the City of London to celebrate the inauguration of the newly elected Mayor. There are over 100 floats and thousands of live performers, dancers, acrobats, horses and of course the Mayor him/herself. At the end of day there is also a fireworks show to end the festivities.

The Show dates back over 800 years to when the King first allowed the City of London to elect it’s own Mayor. A condition of this election was that the new Mayor would have to travel from the City upriver to Westminster to pledge their loyalty to the crown. Todays show is a descendant of that first journey back in 1215.

Head to St Pauls, Bank, Blackfriars or Masion House between 11am-2pm to catch the procession and Blackfriars or Waterloo at 5pm for the fireworks (check the website for exact timings).


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