5 Essentials for Taking the London Underground

Invest in an Oyster Card

Do not buy a paper ticket! Even if you’re only in London for a week, a £5 investment in an Oyster Card will pay for itself within a few journeys. I also find Oyster Card’s are a lot easier to keep track of, no more losing those stupid paper tickets that disappear the minute you take your eye off them.


Bring a Book

Many people opt for the headphones instead, but I find that a good book makes journeys go a lot quicker, and even makes them somewhat enjoyable. Plus reading is a great way to obey important tube etiquette and avoid eye contact with every other person in your carriage!

Hand Sanitiser

A lot of my friends think I’m slightly odd for this one, but I will never leave the house without a small bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag.

If you’re spending a lot of time travelling around the city on the tube, chances are at some point you’ll want to stop and grab a quick bite to eat, and with London’s many delicious street food markets you may not be able to find a bathroom to wash your hands in first. So then what are you going to do? Touch your food with the same hands that were just grasping on to that dirty tube rail which thousands of other people touch with their sweaty hands every day. No worries, that won’t be an issue again because you’ve got hand sanitiser!

French brand Merci Handy‘s scented cleansing gels will also leave your hands smelling deliciously sweet

Wear Layers

It may be freezing outside, but the moment you get onto the tube you’ll immediately regret that giant wolly jumper and padded winter coat. Tube carriages can get extremely hot and stuffy, especially at peak times when they are rammed full with commuters. If I’m wearing a jumper on a cold day I’ll always wear a tank top underneath for travelling.

Drink Water

Going back again to my last point, the underground can get hot! If you end up getting stuck on the tube for a while due a signal failure or passenger incident ahead – and the likelihood is that you will at some point – the worst thing is to be left dehydrated and desperate for water. Listen to those announcements and make sure you have a bottle on hand at all times.

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