This week in London – Halloween Special

Halloween is just a week away, which means the majority of Londoners are currently planning costumes, decorating houses, carving pumpkins, stocking up on sugar and organising parties. Therefore this week I have decided to help with a Halloween special of ‘This week in London’.

The Costume

I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Angels Fancy Dress on Shaftesbury Avenue. Pick up your Halloween costume at London’s most established costumiers which has been dressing the casts of West End shows, Madame Tussaud’s dummies, TV actors and movie stars for over 170 years. Angels is any fancy dress lovers heaven, with 6 floors filled with costumes, props and make-up supplies, as well as a catalogue of hundreds more available to hire.

Angels fancy dress.jpg

Need some inspiration? Check out my blog post 16 Strange and Funny Costume Ideas for Halloween.


Decorating our flat is one of mine and my flatmates favorite parts of the Halloween period. Last year we spent an entire evening cutting out a hundred paper bats to cover an entire wall.

We also made these creepy potions bottles using old wine bottles, black spray paint and printed labels.

This year we will be attempting to recreate Dexter’s Kill Room (If you have not seen this show WATCH IT NOW!).

We’re hoping it will look a little something like this.


Check out my Halloween Pinterest Board for some of my favorite ideas.

Sugary Treats

As you may know, I’m a big fan of baking. Last year I decided to whip up some delicious brain and green goo cupcakes for my housemates. Simple yet awesome (recipe to come).

There are also a lot of other foods which can easily been turned into great Halloween party nibbles. Here’s a few of my favorites…

Broomsticks: Peeled cheese strings on the end of twiglets.

Mummies: Hotdogs wrapped in filo pastry.

Ghosts: Bananas cut in half with chocolate buttons as a mouth and eyes.

Eye balls: Babybell cheese with a black olive.

Pumpkin Carving

I’m a huge fan of the little pumpkin being eaten by a larger pumpkin.

You can pick up a mini pumpkin, or Munchkin as they call it, at Waitrose.

Or just use something else like I did last year…

I also used my pumpkin as a lolly holder

I’m considering steering away from the typical scary face this year and trying my hand at some pumpkin art, such as carving a haunted house or even a TV character. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I will probably go for a minion.


If you’re looking for some competitive pumpkin carving, or simply an excuse to simultaneously carve and drink in a cool bar, you can head to Adventure Bar’s Pimp my Pumpkin on Monday 31st at one of their 4 locations in London.


Halloween Weekend Parties

Get dressed up and meet some new friends at one of 1 Big Night Out’s Halloween Pub Crawls. Try either the Zombie Crawl in Central, The Walking Dead Crawl in Shoreditch or Crawl-oween in Camden. Tickets start at £15 for early birds and include entry into 5 bars, a crawl t-shirt and 4 free shots.


Down in the elegant Clapham Grand on Friday Night you will find The Last Tuesday Societies LA DANSE MACABRE Halloween Ball. The dress code – The Beautiful & The Damned. Time to head to the charity shop and pick up the tattiest worn ball gown or tux you can lay your hands on!


Halloween at the Top – The Sky Garden will be hosting a slightly more sophisticated party at their 35th floor venue, starting at 6pm with 2 live bands then continuing the night until 3am with renowned London DJs. Tickets start at £40pp and include a spooktail on arrival.

Halloween_SG (35 of 53).jpg

Other Halloween Events

Go for Dinner at the Twits for a gruesome and immersive dinner party based around the Roald Dahl classic.


Visit the Backyard Cinema‘s Lost World venue to watch one of their Halloween specials such as Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, GooseBumps, Casper, Adams Family, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Evil Dead and Blair Witch Project.


Try something a little different and head over to East London on Tuesday 1st November for the Crick Crack Clubs’s Day of the Dead storytelling event. The event is described as a ‘bizarre and quirky’ celebration of the Mexican festival where ‘the souls of the dead are tempted back into the world of the living for a bit of a party, and Death is mocked, cheated and saluted by turn.’


Get tickets to The Woman in Black, the self proclaimed ‘Most Terrifying Live Theatre Experience in The World’. Make sure you get tickets in stalls for the full fear factor!


And finally one for the kids (or just the kids at heart), join ZSL London Zoo’s Boo in the Zoo for animal meet and greets, a bat cave, fancy dress and pumpkin carving.









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