16 Strange and Funny Costume Ideas for Halloween

With only 1 week left until the big night it’s time to get your halloween costume sorted!

Being a London based blog I thought I’d start with some London themed inspiration for you (click on headers for links)…

Big Ben

Even Big Ben can be made sexy… 😉


Or try pairing this more comical clock face paint along with a Big Ben badge.

A Beefeater

Fun Fact: Beefeaters, or Yeomen of the Guard, are the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London, and historically, they would have been responsible for the safeguarding of the Crown Jewels, and looking after prisoners kept at the Tower. The most popular speculation is that the name Beefeater originated from the fact these guards were allowed to eat as much beef as they liked from the King’s table.


A Queen’s Guard

Because admit it… you’ve always wanted to wear one of those hats!


The Queen

Dress like the main lady herself. There’s no ready made costumes for this one. Just pick and bright colour, grab a fancy hat, and make sure everything matches!


The London Tube Stops

A great group costume – dress to match each stop like these guys below.


But if you don’t fancy dressing as a London icon, here’s a few other funny ideas…

A One Night Stand

Appropriate costume for when you’re doing the walk of shame the morning after.


Junk Mail

Word of advice… Do not wear this one to a party where there might be children present.


Hash Tag

If you’re reading this blog post, the chances are you found it through Instagram or Twitter, and therefore I think you might like this one…


Big Foot

Gross but strangely amusing.



And finally a few of the worst ones I have found. You’ll notice that most of these are food items. I don’t really understand why people would want to dress as ‘sexy’ food, or food at all for that matter!

Cute Carrot

I mean, who feels the need to dress as a ‘cute carrot’ anyway?


Sexy Hamburger

A tastier option, but I’m not sure it even looks that much like a burger.


A Pizza Slice

Just a way of saying I wanted to be funny but couldn’t be bothered to get a real outfit.


Two Strips of Bacon

Just incase you feel stupid dressing up as a strip of bacon alone.


A Fork and Spoon

So you can go around prodding all your friends dressed as food.


A Pack of Crayons

Just why…?


A Domino Piece

You can even pick which numbers you want on it.


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