Franks Cafe, Peckham

Our second bar of the bank holiday weekend was Franks Cafe, located on the 10th story of a multi story car park in Peckham and open from Tuesday to Sunday until 11pm throughout the summer months. Franks opens at 11am at the weekend, serving both food and drink and welcoming kids and dogs, making it a great place for everyone to enjoy. However being early evening on a bank holiday Sunday when we popped by, the bar was swarmed with groups of young people making the most of the alcohol selection.

Despite using google maps, when we arrived at the car park we appeared to be on the wrong side and struggled to find the entrance for a while. Eventually we found another group heading to the bar and tagged along with them. You’ll notice some steps and (if it’s the evening) a couple of bouncers by the door marking the entrance – don’t make the mistake we did and try and get upstairs through the carpark.

Franks is well known for it’s completely pink staircase which leads you up to the bar. Here you need to stop and take the compulsory pink room selfie!


When you finally get to the top you are met with a breathtaking view over the London skyline. From here you can see everything from the Shard to the Gherkin, and many other iconic city landmarks.

The London skyline as it begins to get dark (this photo does not do it justice!)

The bar is covered by a wooden structure, however the rest of Franks is spread across the car park roof (so avoid a rainy day!). There are plenty of long benches and tables for groups to sit together, as well as standing space if it get’s particularly busy.


The bar has a selection of cocktails for £6/£7, beers for £4.5o and a bottle of wine for just £18… not bad for a London rooftop! Food is served right up until closing so if you’re feeling peckish you can order hummus and pitta to your table or even try an ox heart kebab (surprisingly tasty FYI).


Franks is a great place for a chilled but fun evening out with a big group of friends. Why not go for rounds of wine and see if you can beat our wine tumbler tower!?

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