Holland Park

What a beautiful weekend in London… 27° and sunny! Who would have expected this in early May?

Along with many other Londoners, I decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather by grabbing my sunnies, a picnic and a ball, and heading down to Holland Park with a group of friends.

The park is accessible from High Street Kensington to the South or Holland Park Ave to the north.


Being a Sunday morning the children’s football practice was still going on when we arrived, which also meant lots of parents with picnics waiting on the side of the pitches. However with a very large open area there was still plenty of room for us to lay out our picnic blanket in the sun. As the day went on lots of younger groups began to turn up armed with their ice-cream and fruit cider ready to set up camp for the rest of the afternoon.

Benches in the shade for those not as keen to sit on the grass

As well as the large open area, Holland Park has a children’s play area, tennis courts, a golf school, an orangery and opera house, plus vast wooded areas and gardens to explore. Once we had enough of the sun we decided to take a walk around the gardens.

The Orangery
The Flower Garden

One of the highlights of Holland Park is definitely the Kyoto Garden. The Garden was a gift from the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the Japan Festival in London in 1992. The garden reflects Japanese culture with it’s large pond filled with koi fish, a beautiful waterfall , colourful plants and stone lanterns. If you catch it on a quieter day, the garden it a very tranquil place to relax.

The Kyoto Garden
Herron and Peacocks wander free around the park
Waterfall in the Kyoto Garden

Despite forgetting to put on sunscreen and coming back with a moderate burn all over my body, Holland Park was definitely the right place to spend such a beautiful day in London.

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